RE: virus: "We will fight to defend the honor of our rocks!"

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Oh yes, They certainly can. I think Eric is using an innacurate model of humanity. This assumption that mankind is not primarily violent in nature would not be very realistic. We are fortunate to slowly be finding some ways to get along, and I support that direction, ignoring the violence around us though, or calling it deviant seems wishfull. A great percentage of women experience the violence of men, as children we watch bullies dominate the weaker children, many countries require national service to protect themselves from violent attack. Violence is worshipped on television by millions. Violence is a natuaral part of humanity we are trying to slowly eliminate, it is not a new phenomena getting worse.

Punishment and pain are primitive but functional teaching tools, though I would not use pain myself, punishment has its uses. When applied properly, its called dicipline, and it works for everything from withholding allowance for not completeing chores, to fines of corporations. They are not fullproof, and often ill conceived from the beginning, but it still stands when effectivly applied.

Killing the innocent is inconceivable to me, but killing an aggressor is quite acceptable, and sometimes preferable option. It is the last resort when life, or freedom, is threatened. It's finality is its power.

Bill Roh

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> >Die, perhaps. Life without freedom wouldn't be much of a
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> >no. Ideology aside, I doubt I could bring myself to do anything so
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> People can do the most inconceivable of things when pushed.
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