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>>>Buddha never said "do this and you will be
>>>happier"...what he said was "do this and you can end your desires".
>>I'm a bit sceptical about this, Reed. Could you
>>give me the reference, please?
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>Didn't we hear about the four principles of Buddhism and
>the Eight fold path to enlightenment on this list recently?

We did, but in a follow-up I suggested that "desire" should be amended to "attachment". Much misunderstanding has been caused by that mistranslation. "Craving" is another, more appropriate term. To experience a desire for something is fine. To be addicted to the thing is something else again, and what Buddhism advises be eliminated is much more like psychological addiction, than like normal, healthy desire. I might feel I'd like a Snickers, but that only causes me to suffer if I crave it, if I feel I really must have it. And according to Buddhism, all suffering is caused by similar thinking. Eliminate that and you will no longer suffer, in fact you will be Enlightened. It's all about Attitude!

>Let me dig through my books.

You'll find "desire" quite often in older ones, hardly ever in more modern ones.