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Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:18:46 -0800

UEA <> wrote:

>It doesn't happen very often (I've never seen it personally)
>but last Saturday's Guardian - the "Editor" section - had
>mention of the word meme, in a matter of fact way, used just
>as a normal word, with no explanations or apologies. It even
>used the word metameme (although this word is not in the
>shorter OED). Admittedly, the Editor is not the Guardian
>proper, just a collection of other media; the original
>publication is a Canadian magazine called "Adbusters" and
>the article was written by Kalle Lasn.

That article is getting a lot of reprinting, I just saw it again in a Graphic Arts Journal last weekend as well. Most of the original is up at:

-Tim Rhodes

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