virus: CoV site: dynamic facelift

the great tinkerer (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:29:05 -0500

youll need IE4 or 5 to truly appreciate it but it shouldnt bomb out in any other browser.

i just copied the frames version of the page.... the ring of truth images dont show up because im not on the server. i dont know if any of the links work... im going to sleep now, but ill remake the memetic lexicon page tommarrow and write in a window popup script whenever forever link to the definitions (itll appear as though the only thing in the window is the definition to the word you click on...) im tired now... no speak good... 4:30 am comes too early... soon...

ill make it more dynamic tommarrow... for example: for all the questions (ie What is out there?) instead of putting the answer right beneath it when they place their mouse over it the answer will popup over the questions and when they click on the answer it will close down... fun stuff... indeed... i might even make a mini biohazard thing follow your mouse around the page... check out to see an example of an image following a mouse around the page... ~the great tinkerer