Re: virus: Prisoners my Derrida!

the great tinkerer (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 01:16:18 -0500

"Phaith" has some advantages in that regard.
>By its similar spelling to phat and Phish (and Phranc--is she still making
>records?) it invokes that whole hipster counter-culter vibe that sells so
>well with the kiddies these days:
>"Keepin that old-school phaith alive."
>"What's so funny about phaith, love and understanding?"
>"Back off, Holmes! Ya' best not be steppin' on my phaith, muthafucka!!!"
>"Virions don't have <God>, they just have phaith."
>"Phaith protect me!"
>"Shi-i-i-t, that's right--you know, I can do a-a-all things through my
>phaith, baby."

im gonna sound like my cousin now: "you are so 5 years ago." might cause a bunch of silly people smokin bowls to keep the phaith (i thought they were a opening act for phish...)

maybe if a band of 5 guys whose producer yanks them around by their testicles had a hit single called "phaith"... then youd get some 5000000 teeny bopper girls singing "phaith."

~the great tinkerer