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Deron Stewart (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 15:23:26 -0800

INTP (Rational/Architect)

I've taken these tests over the years and I've noticed that my "T" score has been dropping. It used to be pegged at the red line and now it's only moderate. I hope this means I'm getting "warmer" and not "stupider". :-)

I think I see a parallel in my sympathies in the great faith war here as that I find myself arguing against ideas that I would have agreed with fanatically ten years ago.

Unfortunately my "I" score has been pretty well maxed-out since the beginning -- which is probably why you hardly know anything about me even though I've lurked on and off for years.

I wonder if these temperments are in any way related to Richard's unchanging "core values"?



btw, thank god I'm not a ESFJ...since "They make excellent chairpersons in charge of banquets, rummage sales, charity balls, and the like, ". ;-)

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> For those of you who find the either/or question
> format annoying (I'm guessing that is everyone :-)
> you may prefer this version of the test:

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