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the great tinkerer (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:26:06 -0500

> I play guitar and sing. I play and write Rock-a-Billy, Blues, Jazz, Rock ,
>Metal, and Swing, and on a good night I can fit all of those styles into one
>song. I was asked to sit in with a band that has a horn section the other
>night. It was great fun. Did a apocalyptic version of Who Do you Love and
>Blue Swede Shoes. Had such a large time that I managed to injure my knee and
>resprain a ankle. My doctor loves it when I start playing allot. I don't
>play professionally any longer because it interferes with my real work. But
>used to play three to five nights a week.

funny you should call your magician work: "real" work (surrealism and all.. i hope someone laughs... ok forget it) btw dood, after reading through your web site: you kick ass ;-) do you have any music i could d/l and listen to? do you have any original mp3z youd like on the data section of my cd (im featuring indie musicians from around the world) ~the great tinkerer
"the artist formally known as tinkerer ?"