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I had the picture done and still use it because it portrays a nice corporate image. I am having new pictures done soon that are a little less sterile.

You are absolutely right about the balloons, They cut across all age race and language barriers. I originally did allot of origami but found in high school babes dig the balloon dogs. I still do origami on occasion but am no were near as proficient as I used to be. As a matter of fact I folded a jumping frog from a dollar for my daughter yesterday. She was enthralled with it for all of thirty seconds.

Best wishes

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>Hey Jim, just saw your page and picture. You're one good lookin guy, hehe.
>Love the balloon sculpturing thing - someone bought me a book and balloons
>on the art once. I learned em all, and kids loved em. It was surprise and
>warming to know such simple things could make some people so happy.
>Good work on the page.
>Bill Roh
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>> Here is one of mine.
>> Best wishes
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