virus: UTism

Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:20:30 -0800

carlw wrote:

> Might I suggest that you examine Christianity more skeptically than any
> other religion as you probably have an environmental predisposition to
> accept its ideas? Its fundamental flaws are many, the injuries caused to
> people in its name numerous and its claims to any form of uniqueness or
> authority dubious.

I give my full support to everything you advocate in this paragraph.

> The destructive nature of faith has more to do with the violence that it
> does to a person's ability to think rationally and care for others without
> splitting them into "us" and "them" - something which "faith" - any faith -
> seems to do quite well. Religions simply allow you to identify the "us" and
> "them" more easily.

For example "us" - clear thinking rationalists and "them" - weekminded, superstitious simpletons. UTism is especially insideous when it incorporates the immuno-mechanism of claiming not to be faith-based.