RE: virus: drug-induced orgy-porgy thing

Richard Brodie (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:14:50 -0800

Sometimes the trick is in realizing that the options you're given aren't the only ones available. ;-)

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yo escribm:

>> By the way, an informal CoV poll. Answering only in your own mind will
>> suffice:
>> Is it better to be accused of being ignorant, or guilty of arrogance?

Richard then wrote:

>It's better to be on purpose and not so worried about other people's

But i only gave two distinct options! Still. What you stated *was* my own choice. I don't think choosing to appear foolish instead of making a bigger ass out of yourself with conceit is the same thing as being a plain old ignoramus. It's wiser and modest. On the other hand, being arrogant means that you DO care what others think of you, otherwise you wouldn't bother trying to appear smarter than you are Clear?