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Snow Leopard (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 11:02:20 PST

>Faith and reason are just two different ways to approach theories.
>rejects or accepts, and it is thereafter carved in stone that this is
>way it is.
>Reason (or rather, the scientific method) rejects, accepts or admits
that it
>can do
>neither for the moment. Whatever the outcome, it is always subject to
>in the
>face of new evidence or re-examination of the evidence.
>The basis of reason is non-dogmatism. I see no evil in it. To make it
>the only thing in life not open to question is a paradox, but as I >see
it a necessary one.
>You may call it my faith if you like. I usually don't, but it's true.

>I'm not talking about "god" either. I'm talking about "dogma". The only
>unquestionable thing in life should be that everything is questionable.
>"When dogma enters the mind, all mental activity ceases."
>--Robert Anton Wilson

Anyone who trying to confine faith to anything beyond the realm of the natural is being silly. Faith, true faith, is based on fact. I have faith that this plane isn't going to crash. I have faith that someone will read this, neurons will fire, a response will return. Do I see every inch of the telephone wires, have I examined the satelites? I do know for absolute certain, that there's more than one person on the other end, that you aren't just one schizophanic person answering your own questions? I haven't seen any of you, but I believe that you are real. I haven't seen God of anything resembling such an entity, but i believe He's real. I know that you have responded before, that there are differnet writting styles, no common thread of personality other than interest in the truth. I know that my unexplained recovery from hydrocephelius wasn't a mistake, nor a random incident. Therefore, something/someone saved my life. I have a duty to find out who, and as I recieve enlightenment from many sources, I am obligated to share with truth-seekers. I think that such a thing is part of this list,no?

Dogma is a function of religion, and has nothing whatsoever to do with faith.

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