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"I am more than what you define and delienate me to be" Elizabeth Wurtzel

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Reed Konsler wrote:

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> > If you are directing your life by a theory then
> >your life is constant change. If you do not know by what you are
> >directing your life then you direct it by faith though you don't
> >understand what exactly or why exactly you live according to the motions
> >you are living. To intuit is too much for you, therefore faith.
> Hmm...I guess I see faith as the confidence to act on one's intuition

In alot of cases faith is though reason might dictate something else. There is no belief in something else. There is only belief in what you are told to believe. That is "old time religion."

> even if reason dictates something faith in a support to
> intuition (and reason) and not an alternative. I think you are
> making faith out to be an Other. Reason is male, intuition female
> and faith is the Other.

                               "The Other" is a movie at least 15 years
old and deals with the duality of man. You know...the doppleganger.

I think the 3rd alternative is no more frightening
> or useless than the second. I think the 4th alternative is also useful,
> and the 5th...

                     " well....there's only one thing to say when you
don't know what to say.......supercalifragilisticexpiolidocious!"
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