Re: virus: It just keeps going, and going, and...

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:28:23 -0800

Bill, I am not suggesting that you or anyone else who finds that they can get along in this world just fine without faith make any effort to adopt it. I'm not advising you to wear a hat. What I'm saying is that if you are a salesman in a world where most everyone wears a hat, it's not particularly good salesmanship to insult your customers as a preamble to your pitch.

"Hello there. I see that you're wearing a hat. Only morons and superstitious cowards wear hats. Which are you, and can I interest you in this new business software application I've developed?"


Bill Roh wrote:
> you show me a benefit I can reap from faith, that I cannot reap at less cost another way, I'll wear the sombrero.