Re: virus: trust and obey

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:56:05 -0500


Richard Brodie <> writes: <<
>What is the purpose of a special word if it doesn't
>have a different meaning?

What's the purpose of a special bird if it doesn't have different preening?

Well, in the strictest sense, that bird probably diverged from others like it to exploit a resource or area that was underutilized, i.e. the bird has a (slightly) different purpose or range (geographic territory). This, of course, is my point. Different species are different in more than just looks, and so should different words be different, if only in connotation (vs denotation).

I still contend that faith is a stronger word than either trust or confidence, and you can verify that by subsituting it into the "trust and obey" song if you like -- I think the message comes across stronger (if not as poetically) with "have faith and obey" rather than "trust and obey"