Re: virus: Faith and Reason

David McFadzean (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 10:25:40 -0700

At 09:58 AM 3/16/99 -0500, Reed Konsler wrote:

>Faith, too. Turn the other cheek. You see faith as a source of
>violence...I see it as a check on violence, as is reason.

What if turning the other cheek is not an evolutionarily stable strategy?

>What is ever entirely apparent? What is obvious to me
>is clearly not to you, no matter how hard I try to make
>it so. Only the infinite patience in faith and the faith
>that we are the same despite our semantics asuages my
>existential frustration.

Yes, maybe I am as dense you as imply. To borrow from Richard, what are some other possibilities?

>Every coin has two sides. Reason is the interrogator,
>the shuffler, the hybridizer, the thinker. Faith is the
>advocator, the defender, and the delineator. Since we

I would say that Reason is (also) the advocator, the defender, and the delineator

>cannot know anything for certian every exposition,
>even Richard Dawkins's is an expression of
>the power of human reason if not in the power if God.
>When we deliniate, defend, advocate...when we stand
>resolute...these are all acts of faith.

Given what I said above how are faith and reason different in your view, if at all?

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