Re: virus: Quid pro quo (caveat emptor)

Tue, 16 Mar 1999 08:52:19 -0800

David McFadzean wrote:

> I thought Level 3 was about consciously choosing one's memes
> but I was wrong. Level 3 means never having to admit you
> were wrong. Level 3 means if you disagree with anyone you
> can always simultaneously insult them and discount everything
> they say by putting them on a lower level. Level 3 means that
> if anyone shows an inconsistency in your ideas, you can hide
> behind rhetoric. Maybe this isn't what Richard had in mind
> when he invented Level 3 but this is what it has become.

Well said.

> I can certainly play your game. Do you think it will be fun?

Provided that they are in the minority, it will be fun for those who have adopted the "denegrate, obfuscate, and equivocate" strategy but have not yet grown bored with it. It will be fun for people who prefer conflict and self-aggrandizement over the project of co-creating a meme-complex that is both beneficial to the vector and a good replicator. It will be decidedly un-fun for anyone hoping to explore ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It might be fun for some of the lurkers.