virus: Re: virus-digest V3 #70

Reed Konsler (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 11:09:53 -0500

>But that ball never goes anywhere. I'd rather build a set of
>gyroscopes inside the first two balls such that when the bottom one
>rolls, the top one counter-rotates in exact response. Then give the
>system a little nudge and it will roll, upright, along the path.
>Sure, it's unstable in principle...but it moves.

>That would be interesting. But is *inherent* instability in your
>belief set a possible human condition? (i.e. can a human mind
>maintain cognitive dissonance on a permanent basis?)

Well, can you ride a unicycle? If you listen with your inner ear and act with your body then you become the gyroscope and the upper sphere. But to do so is to be inherently unstable on a more or less permanent basis. That's a meta-<physical>-phor.

>Let's not loose ourselves in the metaphor!

I don't understand. Loose what? How?


  Reed Konsler