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It's not there there is a gene for "Racism" per say, I think the idea would be that obvious physical differences are the easiest for the mind to grapple with in the "Us vs Them" war. That it often becomes racism is coincidental. I dont think anyone in their right mind would call any of us racist, yet I still have very "Us vs Them" tendencies, although my "them" is usually pretty nebuluous. If we agree on this much, then we can eliminate "racism" as a genetic trait, and use the more general "Us vs Them" or "UTism" idea.

On an emotional side, I cannot be sure if I like or dislike the idea UTism. It seems to have very beneficial conquences in the survival game, or at least it did. If it leads to violence, it can not only improve your chances of survival and reproduction, but can damage "Them" in their reproductive capabilities. Of course, this leaves more resources for "US". Which is (good) and damages "Them"s ability to take "Us"s resources (bad).

hummm, I spose you could make the argument that this is the origin of "good" vs "bad" too.

Just rambling agian,
Bill Roh

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> > I'd like to add that all this depends on your definition of
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> > because in general the term can be quite sticky.
> I aggree that it's a sticky issue. People attach lots of emotional
> baggage to that word, and you just don't know what kind of buttons
> you'll be pushing when you use that word with a stranger or
> in a public
> forum.
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