Re: virus: Winesburg, Ohio

Zloduska (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 03:39:30 -0600

Reed wrote:

>>>Could you and Oprah both be right? Would I be crazy to think so?
>>It depends on what she's right about. She can't be all wrong about
>>everything, and neither can I. I don't think she's pure Evil; I don't
>>personally know the woman. What pissed me off was when she made a public
>>judgment against my age group. I don't like it at all when complete
>>strangers think they know what's best for me in my personal life.
>>Especially when they are incorrect and presumptous.
>Sure. Breathe in the bad air and breathe out the good air. Turn the other
>cheek. She was a little too you have to imitate that

You know, I'm a victim to your Oprah memes (and those of the evil speaking electronic box called TV) as much as I am to my own Anti-Oprah memes.

>Well, you know, I think people are willing to pay for a well written volume.
>You just have to think of a narrative which will weave the stories together.

So far, I'd only have time for a weekly column in the newspaper. ;-)

>Have you read _Winesburg, Ohio_ by Sherwood Anderson? That would be
>an example of how to do it. Good book, anyway...I highly recommend it.

OK, thanks, I'll add it to my list of one billion other good books I still have to read.


PS: On a totally unrelated note to this thread, but somewhat relevant to another: The reason why I could never live in the Brave New World- I HATE golf, and always have.