Re: virus: BNW

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 20:19:11 -0500


Reed Konsler <> writes: <<
Just watch the people. Look at the guys hitting on the women, some smooth, other's with the nuance of a jackhammer...and the women standing in small clusters and checking them out. The overmadeup faces and the ponytails pulled through a baseball caps. If you look at them long enough, you'll find someone looking at you. Just smile and nod.

Actually, I've gone people watching quite a few times. It's an interesting activity, but I've never felt that I learn much from it.

Take it from me: you aren't ever ready. But women aren't that scary. Don't try and unload your shit onto people, but don't be afraid if it happens. But the longer you wait, the less prepared you are.

Your probably right about not ever being ready; however, I am considerably better prepared now than I was a year ago -- more stable, more used to my own emotions and responses, more relaxed and confident.

>Essentially, the BNW people are controlled into being happy.

Really? I don't think they are "forced" to be might say they are raised to happy from birth, or programmed to be happy or even designed to be happy...conditioned to be happy? But there is no war in BNW, and no fear of death. It's all just endless games of electromagnetic golf...and work. But science and art mean different things in a world unaccustomed to pain.

You're right, they are not "forced"; the image I am thinking of is more one of convergence. External pressures are applied to the people until their attitudes converge to those desired. There is no self-direction in the BNW; one is told what to think. Those who don't obey are sent away.