Re: virus: Geek Love Will Tear Us Apart*

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:16:42 -0500


From: Zloduska <> <<
This is interesting. You don't really believe it though, do you?


My take on cyber-romance: Don't do it.

I agree. I tried it once -- I honestly don't see what the allure is. Its like a Long Distance Relationship, only worse! Of course, on the other hand, I have seen some success stories for cyber-romance too -- Alex Massie ( comes to mind.

This advice conflicts with the plethora of Teen 'zines out there, that shamelessly urge girls to long after the jocks, the popular, and the affluent, if not the Leo DiCaprio look-alikes. This passage also implies that a girl's feelings aren't important- if after all it's only an advanced video game. Quick, win this competition girls. Score! Not a very positive message. (Hey, what the hell are you doing with 'A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys anyway, hmm? ;-))

I actually don't know how I found it in the first place (it is copywrite 1995, so it was a while ago). I tell you what, though, I'll do a web search and find the original document....

Here we go. It looks to have been through some revisions, but in essence this is what I quoted from:

How could you say the wrong thing if it is honestly what you think? Don't hold back.

Well, in the most trivial sense, it could be wrong if I am mistaken in my belief. However, if you want to get a feel for why I might hold back, try watching Ross (the scientist guy, I think that's his name) on Friends.

>I'm benign-looking. :-)

Except for the eyeball piercings and the bright red clown shoes, right? ;-)

Actually, no. :-) However, you did just remind me of a pair of "benign" guys who scared the wits out of me and my friend a couple of nights ago. We were going over to their house to pick up a few female friends, and walking in the door, what do we see but these two guys, dressed up in grass skirts and wearing coconut bras! It turns out the y were going to some sort of hot-tub party, so they had an excuse, but still... somebody should have warned us! Anyway, that just goes to show that everybody has a wild-side.