virus: Dogpile on TheHermit!

Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:56:20 -0800

carlw wrote:

> In this forum, there are a number of vociferous people who seem to me to be
> attempting to convey the impression of being "elder members".

I think most of the silverbacks in attendence responded to the post that contained this accusation, but I didn't notice anyone denying it.

Richard wrote:

> One of the things that
> happens on this list is that people who are ready get assisted to Level 3,
> in which a different kind of model of reality is used. It's impossible to
> understand it fully until you get there.

Prof. Tim wrote:

> You may note that those who pay attention to the culture of the lists they are
> involved in, quicky learn how to present their thoughts effectively and in a way
> that is easy read by the others on the list (and without to much excess
> clutter). Whereas others seem never to understand that the way they construct
> their posts--the medium in which they house their message, as it were--has a
> profound effect on how their words are recieved. The second group blithly
> continues to speak without first listening hard and paying attention to the
> dialect being used in the room.

KMO wrote:

> Excessive alliteration is an early indication of impending glosalalia.
> Talk about antici... PAYshun, I'm quite looking forward to witnessing
> your transformation. You'll be filled with the holy spirit, speakin' in
> tongues, handlin' snakes, and doing shots of arsnic by month's end.

I wonder what gives Carl the idea that some of the people on this list think they're at a more advanced level of personal development than he is but that they are here to guide him throught the rough transitionary period to the promised land?

If I failed to quote your post I guess you'll just have to try harder to assert yourself as an elder member, but you can't make it look like you're trying. It's got to appear effortless.