virus: D'elusian Fields

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Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:34:25 -0600 (CST)

                        Once upon a time, in the fields near the plain of
Lethe and river of Forgetfulness, a man, PQR was ready to be returned to earth in his new identity and was wandering toward the line where souls chose the type of backside ( ass ) they wanted. While he was waiting in line, a brunette who had just received her new ass was walking by him and decided to stop and ask his opinion before she crossed the plain of Lethe, and drank from the river of forgetfulness. She turned around so he could have a clear perception and then turned back to face him. He had a dreamy look in his eyes and grinned a big "cheshire cat" grin but didn't reply. She took a step closer and questioned him again. His eyes cleared and he replied," Huh? Oh! Grass did you say? No, I don't smoke grass. Mind is important to me and I want mine sharp as a tack!" His face was a deep chrimson and his grin widened. The brunette thanked him and walk away reasoning that, from his reaction, she had made a wise decision. PQR was in fact so taken by that brunette's ass( that he could not 'taken his eyes off it ) he started absent mindedly following her across the plain, totally
forgetting about his own ass. They both drank from the river of Forgetfulness but PQR as well as the brunette did not drain their cups so they might remember each other should they meet in their new lives on earth. The brunette was raised up first and went hurling down toward earth. PQR started to raise up and then realized he had forgotten to get an ass. He started to cry out but it was too late. As he went hurling to the earth, all the heavens could hear," aaaaaa aaaaaasssssss...."
                  The proud parents beamed at their wailing, newborn son.
They didn't have a clue...


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