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Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:04:40 -0800

Ooops! That should read "NON-zero-sum game." Sorry.

(Where's Freud when ya' need him, eh?)

-Prof. Tim

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>Reed wrote:
>>David wrote:
>>>This game is this conversation. If you want to remain in the game
>>>when you are the only one talking, I guess that is your prerogative.
>>Oh, I see your point now. Yes, you're right...the game ends if
>>there is only one participant.
>Although that doesn't mean that the lone remaining participant (not to be
>confussed with the "winner", for this is zero-sum game, after all) can't or
>won't continue talking to thin air at great length. Or so it seems.
>-Prof. Tim