Re: virus: Swollen Ranks

Dave Pape (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 21:00:52 -0800

At 23:44 08/03/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dave wrote:
>>Yeh, that makes sense- hence my use of "mythical" in the post. Hierarchies
>>just emerge, don't they, in more or less /any/ grouping of people, virtual
>>or otherwise. Tell you what, I'm SURE virtual hierarchy is one of the
>>forces underlying the development of human culture... I can feel a poorly
>>thought out, rambling post that generates a baffled lack of response coming
>Okay, you've built up enough anticipation now, I think. Where's the rant?

Oh god, I'm so fucking tired... it struggles half to the surface and then dies just as it's reached the inside of my forehead. I'm not trying to build it up, honest, I'm just charly chucked, as my brother would say. Listen, soon, okay? Sorry. I'm juggling life elements poorly at the moment.

>(Someone told me the other day that hierarchies were
>passe' and that our little social group didn't have any. I laughed so hard
>I nearly pissed myself. I just wish I'd had a rant of yours to hand her to
>read while I was doubled over on the floor wiping away the tears.)

Tell you what geezer, there's a social fucking hierarchy inside every single head. Erm actually that's a truism because where else would we encode and simulate them. I meant in the sense of Marv Minsky's "Society of Mind" theory, all about dumb mental mechanisms that control/are controlled by others, and together give the impression fo cleverness.