virus: shameless self-promotion (CD RELEASE!!!!!!)

the great tinkerer (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 14:12:41 PST

after several months of composing, recording, mastering, re-recording, re-mastering... re-recording yet again... and discarding several crappy tracks... (making art etc...) i have finally finished my debut cd: "i am not disturbed."

all that's left for me to do is to ship this pre-released prototype of the cd the cd duplication company and have them make copies of the cd. unfortunately, along with the cd i have to send them A BIG FAT CHECK for a *LOT* of money, therefore i need to sell some cds pre-release to cover it.
anyway, many of you have downloaded many of my mp3 tracks and, as a result, are privilege to pre-ordering my cd for a reduced price: $10 per cd + $1 shipping (reduced shipping as well ;-)

to order my cd please fill out the following form:

print out the results, but do not send me money until i send you a confirmation letter of the order, which i will send within the next week (i will give some special information to all the people who pre-order my cd).

~the great tinkerer
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