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It's not just that the ends don't justify the means. It's that when you look back from the end of a long life, it's that tapestry of life woven by a lifetime of means that has all the meaning.

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Reed Konsler wrote:

> We must each oppose that evil in every way we can imagine...

I don't agree. I think we should oppose evil with courage, ingenuity, rationality, faith, intelligence, creativity and compassion, but we should not oppose evil by adopting its methods; something I can certainly imagine.

> and one critical way is through what Richard describes as "goodwill".
> We need faith that our common vision will carry us through the
> darkness. Most certianly we need this faith in the darkest times, when
> all evidence seems against us.

We need faith that no circumstance, no oppression, no emergency is accute enough to justify adopting those elements of the enemy's technique that we dispise.

> And when we have succeeded...struggle will not end, life will not end.
> It will just shift up an octave. We will unweave the rainbows and reweave
> them according to our own design.

Amen to that, brother Reed.

> ...we can
> never be the perfect exemplars of our future vision becuase we each bear
> marks of our history. It is our duty to do our best to point the way and
> avoid vomiting our pain and anger into the next generation...

Amen to that, too.