Re: virus: Faith vs. Reason

David McFadzean (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 09:15:12 -0700

At 03:03 AM 3/9/99 -0800, Tim Rhodes wrote:
>David McFadzean wrote:
>>Rule #6 (proposed): If a player does not agree to a rule, he or
>>she must withdraw from the game.
>>Rule #7 (proposed): The game ends if only one player remains.
>The winning strategy, under those rules above, would be for one to simply
>make rules that the other players will find completely unacceptable until
>you are the only one who remains.
>What is gained by this game, David? (Jake, has already shown me how to win
>it--but to what end?)

You don't win by being the last one in, you win by playing! In order to win, you have to negotiate a set of rules that other players will accept and follow. This is not a zero-sum game.

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