Re: virus: Foundations Pts. 1 & 2

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 21:20:08 -0800

If this poem is an honest expression of your attitudes and disposition, then, in spite of whatever disagreements may seperate us, I think that you and I are in agreement on some very fundamental and significant points.


joe dees wrote:
> (1) What Is
> We are aware. While we live we cannot help it.
> We're aware of ourselves (more or less)
> Of others in varying degrees of closeness and estrangement
> And of our common world.
> Awareness is by necessity relation, not identity.
> While we live, we cannot be the ones we love
> Or be the world, or even be the selves
> We deceive ourselves to be while self-conceiving.
> The pointing finger cannot be the moon to which
> it points.
> While we live, we can never be finished, never arrive.
> Besides, what could become of us if we achieved such
> absolute desires?
> Growth is by necessity in relation
> And the dust-reunion will come soon enough.
> But that a single hand can't clap
> Does not make two fan empty air.
> We are With those we love, in a common world
> And spend our lives becoming ourselves with them.
> Be grateful. Be glad.
> (2) What Can Be
> Love is NOT the Law;
> Care is the Law.
> We care for those whom we despise.
> Adversaries are perversely precious to us.
> We care for whomever makes a difference in our lives
> One way or another.
> Care encompasses both hate and love
> And is opposed only by indifference.
> The hard part is to transfigure all care into love.
> When few succeed at this inner task they are oppressed
> For most are unchanged, and take advantage of the loving.
> But when many subscribe to the calling of loving care
> They can save themselves and our common world
> By treating each other with kindness
> And our shared home with reverence.
> Love is not the Reality
> Love is the Ideal
> And we touch whatever inner or outer Divine there may be
> By striving for that Ideal
> Ceaselessly.
> Joe E. Dees
> Poet, Pagan, Philosopher
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