Re: virus: Corporations are religions

David McFadzean (
Sun, 7 Mar 1999 18:22:16 -0700

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From: Dave Hall <>
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 8:32 AM

>This is my first posting to this list. I read about 100 messages last
>(of the 1,000 unread since I subscribed) to get an "immersive feel" of
>what's kooking. Sooo I'm hoping to get straight to Level 3, whatever the
>heck that means. Nothing wrong with a little grandiose ambition. I'm in the
>process of conducting a little test to see which Subject: title has the
>effect, so please excuse me for trying to force anyone to read my garbage
>three times by manipulating and rewriting of the subject title for "optimal
>memetic impact".

The subject title is important, but IMHO other factors are more important:

>Thus is would be, IMO, easy for Bill Gates to orchestrate the scenario
>below, the upside to the flock being pretty obvious, well relative to Jim
>Jones's crowd. If it occurred, then perhaps Richard would be forever known
>as the original composer of the greatest economic symphony in history so
>(assuming the entire NASDAQ followed suit the very next day). The story is
>fictional. Mostly. I develop software for a living and *pray* daily for a
>stock swap offer from The Man himself.

I don't think it would be that easy, investors would run scared from such a radical change in the marketplace. However I do think it could work on a much less ambitious scale, say if MS split it 4-7 specialized companies. I'm thinking here of the 7 Sisters that rose from the ashes of Standard Oil, each one becoming more successful than the original.