virus: Toward a Typology of Solutions

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Sun, 07 Mar 1999 14:02:10 -0700

Before principles of good solutions can be determined, it may be worthwhile to develop a typology of solutions. I expect that different principles will apply to different types of solutions.

Tentative Typology of Solutions

Type 1. Do nothing.

Type 2. Stop doing what you're doing.

Type 3. Do it yourself.

Type 4. Ask friends, acquaintances, etc. for assistance.

Type 5. Hire an expert or professional.

Type 6. Form a cooperative relationship, group, company, etc.

Type 7. Launch a campaign, get publicity for your cause, educate others, etc.

Type 8. Earn or acquire money.

Type 9. Acquire knowledge, equipment, skills, personal power, etc.

Type 10. Exit a relationship, group, company, etc.

Type 11. Kick out or expel him/her.

Type 12. Identify your own strengths and utilize them.

Type 13. Identify your own weaknesses and strengthen them.

Type 14. Identify your enemy's strengths and avoid them.

Type 15. Identify your enemy's weaknesses and exploit them.

Attempting a type 4 solution, please suggest other types of solutions and even radically different solution typologies.

Frederick Mann

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