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Let us deconstruct shall we?

>There is no "absolute morality" of things, there is only
>morality that we participate in, and I do participate.

Statement 1: declaration of a common principle

>Failure to participate is an abdication of responsibility.

Statement 2: declaration of a common principle

>WE must judge.

Statement 3: declaration of a common principle

>There is no "God" thingy to do it for us.

Statement 4: declaration of questionable principle

>Reason is a good thing.

Statement 5: declaration of a common principle

>Faith is not.

        Statement 6:  smells like a fish, looks like a fish!
                Ack!  it's an ASSERTION...MEME ALERT!

The structure of your post is entirely rhetorical, and it isn't even a very sophisticated form. Salesmen and politicans across the world know this trick... Richard even EXPLICITLY talks about it in his book. You list a set of common principles with the hope that the dead fish assertion at the end will acquire the scent of the roses at the beginning.

That isn't logic, it's rhetoric! Please try not to confuse the two...and don't try to confuse me. I was born with a nose for assertions. You haven't made a single LOGICAL argument in our whole conversation. You just keep trying to beat me over the head with your flacid excuse for oratory. PU...LEEZE!

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