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Sat, 6 Mar 1999 14:05:39 EST


Since I am working on shedding my initial "arrogant" facade, I thought I would make some comments about my impressions thus far. I don't think that your "Level 3" talk is "bullshitty" as I initially accused it. I still think I won't ever integrate it as presented, though some of the processes that you describe sound like they have some legitimacy. I can appreciate the value of a willful suspension of judgment, but where someone suggests anything that sounds to me like an complete abdication of judgment, I simply must protest. As some skeptic once told me and I have heard several times since, "I am open minded, but not so much that my brains fall out."

In any case, I still haven't read your book, and now I think I owe to myself to read it. However, my position on it is this - I tend to agree with the things that Derek Gatherer is saying in the JOM-EMIT and on that EM list. You can imagine the prejudice I have about reading yet more "thought contagion" type material. Never-the-less, you are the first person to actually write a book about memetics and I have a certain admiration for market leaders.

Thank you for your responses to my antics here. I've had a good time.


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