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>Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:22:10 EST
>Subject: Re: virus: ...said the spider to the fly...

>>>Why should we value [science and reason]? What difference does it make?
>I don't think it is a question of why we should value it. We do. The reasons
>that we do probably have some connection into our evolutionary nature, both
>biological and cultural.

That sounds like an article of faith. "We hold these truths to be self-evident".
In the begining their was "The Word". You are saying that science and reason are natural and "why they are valuable" is not a comprehensible question. Is this question one you could potentially question? If so, will you do so now? Why should we value science and reason?

>>>What is the purpose of reason?<<
>Historically A purpose of reason was to provide stable common reference
>points for cultural/social organisms to thrive.>
>>>What is the purpose of faith?<<
>A purpose of faith, to construct meanings and understandings that most
>closely reflect reality.

Of course, I have misquoted you. Indeed, I have reversed your meaning. As an exercise, could you imagine how this arrangement might be as true as the one you provided?

>Faith is not a good thing. If religion wishes to survive, it should
>stick to ritual and customs, and steer clear of ideology.

It won't, Jake. It won't. Get used to it. That is reality. Are you going to slay <religion> if it expands beyond what you think are it's appropriate boundaries? With what weapon? Are you a crusader in that sense? Are you ready for all that blood? Or will you adapt? Can you peacefully coexist? Can you let people believe their truth? Can you let them teach it to your children?

This is Dennett's point. A true community trusts in democracy. We trust each other to teach our children collectively. Your doctrine has no special merit, nor does mine. It is for our children to build their own truth from what we have to teach. Will you let all voices speak? Will you be civil? Will you accept what our children decide is best for them at the time, and not try to impose a grandfather's will on the future?

>Your arrogant gaze is duly noted.



  Reed Konsler