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Fri, 5 Mar 1999 10:21:34 EST

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<< I generally do not
>like to equivocate.

I sense another basic assumption that is being "exempted in principle from rational criticism." Remind me when we get done with faith, to come back to "Equivocating is Undesirable" and see what kind of a foundation that temple is built upon as well.

-Prof. Tim>>

I don't know where you think that I said or implied that this dislike was "exempted in principle from rational criticism". Just because everything is in principle subject to rational criticism, do you think I cannot take a stand on anything? And if I do take a stand, does it necessarily follow that I am not holding that position in principle subject to rational criticism?

I don't percieve my thinking processes as one-tracked as this, I suspect very few others are either.