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Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:22:08 EST

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<< Could someone please tell me why, after I've had a conversation with someone for a while, they always tend to say bad things about themselves? >>

I have no idea why in every case, but this one was inspired by this

>> Do you think I'm looking for an education in logic from you?
Such presumption, my little grasshopper. I've forgotten more about reason than you will ever know. I would still enjoy a lesson, but only if you make it interesting<<

>>KJS did it, now Jake is doing it. It strikes
me as some sort of formallized gesture of submission...but with a bitter ironic overtone. <<

That's a possibility

>>Geeze, Jake. I'm not asking you to capitulate right here in front of
God and everyone...I'm just asking you to reconsider your feelings and thoughts about God and ask yourself if, like, you could cut religious people a little slack, you know?<<

I am willing to cut anybody slack under the right circumstances. I don't know about "God" thingies, and I am not talking about religion per se, but I have reconsidered my feelings and position about faith several times throughout my life. I don't get self-righteous when somebody talks about their faith, but I also do not salute when they try to hold it out as a virtue.

>>Like, maybe you could even enjoy the beauty and the rapture? Maybe you
could shop around for a church...I'd bet you could find one you like. If you don't feel that need...well, maybe you could ease up a little on people who do find joy and solace within the divine.<<

I have been to churches. I was raised Unitarian. They are a fine bunch. Lot's of them were looking for "the divine" even though they avoided the "God" word a lot. None of this really has anything to do with faith per se. I have no problem with people looking for meaning in life. I just won't salute if somebody tries to tell me that faith is a virtue.

>>There is a universe of human experience out there to enjoy...and some
of it, some of the sweetest, the juciest spiritual, religious, and trancendent.

LIFE is only contradictory if YOU are contradictory. Why? Why not just try a taste? Are you so afraid? Of what?

That it might be TOO GOOD?

Sweet Jesus! How foolish is that?


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Nice soliloquy. I don't know who you wrote it for. But it obviously wasn't written for me. Though I do not doubt that you believe that it was.

Do you think I'm looking for an education in the joy and meaning of life from you?
Such presumption, my little grasshopper. I've found and lost joy and meaning that you will never know. I would still enjoy a lesson, but only if you will
make sense.