Re: virus: Sex in the brain
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:22:04 EST

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<< Do you also think that every woman is a potential partner? I had a roommate that used to say "every woman wants me... they just don't know it yet".

Of course, he didn't date anyone for the three years we lived together. Silly idea Jake. Silly analogy. This isn't even sporting.>>

No I don't think that every woman is a potential partner. But the analogy worked. You seem to understand the difference now between "in principle" and
"in practice". When it comes to rational criticism, I can be like your
roomate, even though both your roomate and I understand the realities of how in practice we can't play out our respective processes to actually either fuck every potential partner, or rationally criticize every justification completely.

This realization has nothing to do with faith.

For not being "sporting" you seem to have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about all of the implications.