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If faith can move mountains, why did the prophet have need to go to the mountain?
If you had suggest that faith can move stomaches I might have agreed...


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> Jake wrote:
> <<Faith is exempting in principle some representation(s) from rational
> criticism. ...It is my
> assumption which has survived a significant amount of
> rational criticism,
> that
> beyond myself faith is probably at best a useless thing, and at worst
> intellectually crippling and thus leading to many more evils. ...
> Give me an example of what the representation is, and why it
> would be good
> to
> not hold it open *even*in*principle* to rational criticism.>>
> The problem is with your metaprogram of "rational criticism."
> I think you
> are correct that, within that metaprogram, there is no such
> thing as "good"
> faith. The trouble is, there are plenty of good things that can be
> accomplished under more usual metaprograms (leaving aside for
> a moment the
> ability to ascend to Level 3 and switch metaprograms on the fly).
> I think the concept of "self-fulfilling prophecy" might be
> the closest I
> could get to something that would be meaningful to you with
> your worldview
> and still have value. Faith can move mountains, in other words.
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