Re: virus: Swollen Ranks

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 01:52:25 -0800

Dave wrote:

>Interesting that the level 3 people are the obviously most senior apes in
>the troupe: does level 3 bring with it special headgear of pomp, by any

Well, there is the barbed codpiece and rinestone ego holster...

Wait a minute... If I remember correctly, Dave, YOU were the first monkey I had to have a scrap with in order to get a place at this here watering hole many many moons ago. You not senior? HA! I suspect trickery! You're just trying to steal my mates from behind my back, aren't you!!! (rearing up and bearing teeth oh so very menacingly) GRRRRRR!!! LEVEL3! LEVEL3! GRRRRRRR!!!

-Prof. Tim