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Wed, 03 Mar 1999 01:15:24 -0600

Dave Pape wrote:

>At 23:30 01/03/99 -0600, Kris, who is male, wrote:

EH?! Boy, am I REALLY confused now.

<big snip>

>The journey between rare adaptive POV switches and appropriately common
>ones isn't sudden or discrete, it's a hike up a statistical curve; and just
>because your mind generates the sensation of POV changes at appropriate
>times doesn't mean you're master of your thoughts.

Then what are we, if not masters of what we think? Servants to something else? (Good thing you're not hardcore-religious, and won't say "God".) Just wondering about this point; not exactly arguing atm.


Wank-orooni! Thanks.

>>I think it would be ridiculous for a public email list to even have a
>Oh, it wouldn't have a formally publicised/endorsed hierarchy, oh no oh no.
>It's all between the lines in how we post each other. EG Rich B never
>really gets too out of control if I bait him, administers little clips
>round the ear, like the "brick ceiling" gag, succeeds in frustrating me
>sometimes: I reckon that means he's higher status than me.

Are the lurkers to the CoV list considered "untouchables"?

>We had a great meeting at work a couple of months ago: this old-school
>manager that I hate wrote the agenda, listing attendants exactly in reverse
>tribal seniority order. Two of us needed a second line, enhancing our
>lowliness yet further. I pointed this out as a joke, and he couldn't handle
>it because he's meant to be modern and open to ideas from all parties, and
>he pretended the list was ordered by age to nearest decade modulo 7
>sub-sorted reverse alphabetically by middle initial. Then gave me a hard
>time for the duration of the meeting. I pulled my piece and poured clip
>after righteous 9mm clip into him, not stopping until I was choking on gun
>smoke and my wrists shattered from the weapon's explosive kicks and flings.

So does all-out carnage and mayhem rank as a "fantastic" meeting for you?

>>We could divide up one
>>year into four separate and very long months.
>And each month into twelve 183-hour-long days. If you reach level 3 you
>attain conscious control over bodyclock and heartrate. And have bionic legs.

Oh, I don't care about that. What I want to know is: Can you fly?

On an unrelated note, I feel that somehow today should be marked on the crazy CoV calendar, as it is the birthday of Dr. Seuss.

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