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Sure, I came in on the tail end of 166 messages. Nice to meet you anyway. What else would you like to discuss?

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On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Zloduska wrote:

> maggs wrote:
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> > Help me with this. Who is it who is waiting to be raped before she
> >graduates? Are you kidding? The statistics say so therefore I might as
> >well accept my fate? Are you kidding??? I would rather be the gentle but
> >persuasive force who asks, " Why" and" can I help you?" to help me deal
> >with the trauma of the violation, after all the rapist just wasn't my
> >type, if he only could have been a face man instead of such a
> >sleaze....Camille Paglia says that it is a power women have that makes men
> >want to rape. i've always been leary of an appeal to pride. Man would
> >rape who is precious to him....would he? Women don't rape or is it that
> >men don't complain about it? If a woman rapes would the man shower,
> >shave, put on his best cloogne and go back to the spot it happened hoping
> >she'll show? Will all his friends line up behind him if he blabs?
> >
> > Are you kidding or are you advertising?
> *deep, deep sigh* Oh, nevermind. I think you missed the boat on that one,
> and I would rather gouge my eyes out with a sharpened golf club than start
> arguing about THAT again. I'm not kidding, adverstising, or saying what
> you think I'm saying. I'm done with that. Now, would you also be
> interested in some Neu! or Faust?
> ~kjs