Re: virus: Swollen Ranks

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 09:57:07 +0000

In message <>, KMO <> writes
>Eric Boyd wrote:
>> Unfortunatly, the level 3 membership ranks have swelled to at least
>> three (Brodie, Reed and Tim), making all communication rather
>> "flowery" around here.
>Better make that 4.

5. Not that I would claim to be on level 3, or a level 3 person. I know that sometimes I'm on level 2, and I'm convinced that absolutely everyone has the potential to rise to level 3.

But I certainly get what Richard means in making these distinctions, and agree with most of what he says regarding them. One aspect of it, for instance, is seeing rationality and objectivity as means, rather than ends, and knowing that, sometimes, for some ends, other means are better. Or I guess you could just say: not worshiping rationality. Or even: not being a victim of the rationality mind virus. :-)