Re: virus: Killer arguments against religion?

Dave Pape (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 22:24:46 -0800

At 14:21 28/02/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Dave Pape wrote:
>> Has anyone discovered any arguments that're particularly tricky for
>> believers to escape from?
>The combination of "Reason is the Devil's bride and whore," "The Devil
>will quote scripture for his own purposes," and "The Lord moves in
>mysterious ways," beats any rational argument for the non-existence of
>God; beats any example of biblical inconsistency; beats any collection
>of examples of what a petty, mean-spirited, insecure, vain, murderous
>bastard the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God is.

So... yeh, I guess what you have to do is just keep on at them, like all they can do is keep on at you. Reason is the devil's rbide and whore, nice one. Well how about banning xtians from using any technology that was invented by someone who thought rationally? Oh, obviously if that becomes law, don't accept a lift in a car from a xtian. Not that you would anyway.

>> Oh, excuse me: I just spotted someone I took a dislike to and, there being
>> no God to guide my actions morally, I've decided I'm going to nailgun the
>> fucker to my cellar floor.
>Blast some for me too. I've got lots of pent-up aggression, but Quake
>and its shoot-em-up ilk make me tense, so I don't go there.