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Thu, 25 Feb 1999 23:28:15 PST

The Truth

When looking to future, we look to the past to lead us to the future. In 1929 we had a stock market crash, FACT. Now we find our selves looking upon another problem in our society called y2k. Some groups of people have taken extreme measures in dealing with y2k adding to the problem. More and more people are starting to see that the real problem is in people and there ability to deal with a change in situation. In 1929 after the stock market crash, the real crash occurred that threw the world in to the Great Depression. People pulled the money from the banks and started a global economic collapse that spawned Hitler and WWII. More Fact. 1999 Australia and the USA are producing billions of dollars Extra Currency in preparation of Y2k. (CNN) And of course the Canadian and US Marshal Law plans. SCARY FACTS. And the WORLDS FOOD SUPPLY…………

Now we come to 1999, and we as a race seem to regard a new millenium as a major change, instilling fear in some, FACT. Western Civilization approximately 1000ad. GREAT FACT. That’s a awful lot of smoke for no fire. (Pun Intended). The Wonderful Cults at work. (See Disclaimer). Another Pun

Only Opinion I have
It’s a lot of wasted energy. If we put as much in to making peace instead of war, panics like these, cults and ourselves and instead focus on the Race (HUMAN). We would have probably colonized half the solar system by now. “Got Of the Mud Ball” Only Opion I will give. We have wasted our selves bombing countries where all we care about is the oil while letting another starve because of it government in our side of the mud ball and traded with one in the other. WE ARE FUCKED. No Not By China or any other country but by our own stupidly. Its time to unify and get off the mud ball. Please? (See Disclaimer).

Back to the Fact

Now lets look at probilty. Before the Challenger Accident NASA put the odds at 1 in 100,000. After the Shuttle crashed the odds dropped to 1 in 123, ( I believe this is the figure or close to it, was down). INTERSTING FACT. Now were back to good old y2k. A possible crash that could be as sever as The Great Depression. Not From the Crash but from the People. Now Factor in all the variables I’ve named The Odds are there for a lot of Devastating Possibilities. Random Chance….

Isolation the SlapHappyHacker
“problems are everywhere, this is just one” Disclaimer
I will leave off any mention of USA NATO THE EU CIS UN or any other Sovran nation so I wont get branded a millenium cults or anarchist. I HAVE NO HARM INTEANDED TO ANYONE. 1St BABY. And of course if anything I say in here is wrong, HEY FREE SPEACH, its Hard to Remember everything from 17 years. (See Below) Anything that doesn’t harm anyone I clam under the Church of Recurrent Tragedy’s. 1st and 2nd I am a 17-year-old punk kid that cant die for my country and will (not by my choice) if it doesn’t change soon. I’m a citizen of the planet. Note To G. Carlen yes this constitutes a tragedy if it works. “Welcome to the Fucking Fractal baby.” “Your Clock is skewed”. ”Oh Yeah, Well the math is wrong”. Don’t brand me as nuts I still have a long life left I hope (See First Sentence).
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