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                        Usually its because you've been raised with it and
its bases are in violence and fear. Even if you grow up to be a rational adult there's all that programming to weed through. alot of people don't have the time or more tragically think they can't or don't understand why they can't.


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On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Freespeak wrote:

> In my opinion, there are three fundamental reasons
> why people believe in religion.
> The first factor is the human predilection for
> anthropomorphism. See '#TL05AB: ANTHROPOMORPHISM AND
> [The above was inspired by the book 'Faces in the Clouds:
> A New Theory of Religion' by Stewart Guthrie -- mentioned
> on this list some months ago.]
> The second factor is what remains in the human brain
> and psyche from our "bicameral heritage." See 'The Other
> Side of Religion' <>,
> with particular emphasis on 'Appendix - The Biological Basis
> for Religion.'
> The third factor can be inferred from Al Siebert's book,
> 'Peaking Out: How My Mind Broke Free from the Delusions
> of Psychiatry.' It could be called the "aggrandized-noun"
> phenomenon. It derives from Melanie Klein's insight she
> called the "good-mother/bad-mother split": "...each infant
> experiences two different beings in its life -- a good,
> powerful, nurturing, comforting, all-knowing being and
> a bad, hurting, dangerous one." [Look up "Melanie Klein"
> in the Index.]
> These factors may also illuminate why certain memes are
> more powerful than others.
> Frederick Mann
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