virus: VR vs. RL

Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:49:38 -0800

Eric Boyd wrote:

> From: <>

> >I read Bill's message about how technology will make this all
> >much more "real". Actually to some extent I like it the way that
> >it is.
> Me too. You realize this probably indicates something about our
> personalities. (are we letting it hang out?)

I look forward with some apprehension to the day when catching up on the CoV list will be more like checking my voicemail than like reading a memo. Fear not, though, the writing skills that we've spent so much time and effort cultivating are nowhere near obsolescence.

> I also have doubts about the ability of technology to totally fill the
> gap. The image I'm seeing is from some movie (whose name I have
> forgotten), but it's set in future california, and the specific scene
> is when the female star (Bullock?) asks the male (Stallone?) to have
> sex.

Demolition Man. Fun movie.

> As much as I like cyber-culture, I sense all to strongly that it's not
> more than an addition; and will never be a replacement, for RL.

I imagine that VR and RL will be charmingly naive concepts to us a few years hence.

Take care, all.