virus: Re:e-mail communication

David Rosdeitcher (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 13:39:45 -0500

Eric wrote:
>But really, if you claim that "the medium is the message", I think
>you'll see that this black and white text, being just two-dimensional,
>cannot support "real people". Although I am amazed at the depth that
>can be inserted into two-d, I also know that such depth doesn't come
>without a lot of hard work. I use email to communicate and exchange
>ideas (mind). If I want to get to know someone ("really"), or get
>those warm fuzzy feelings, or even have a really good argument
>(heart/body/soul), I don't turn to email. I stay in RL. Is that so

I find that people's energies are transmitted better through e-mail than in RL. When you just have the words, and "glue" between the words you don't get distracted by all that heart/body/soul stuff. And, when you meet people face to face, they're not that much different from how you imagine they are from just e-mail contact (except sometimes voice and physical appearance). --David R.