Re: virus: Why People Believe in Religion

Zloduska (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 01:57:54 -0600

Brett wrote:

>A tendency toward animism (Is this the same?
>Meaning to give objects human characteristics...)
>MIGHT lead to "religion" (a slippery word) in the
>sense that a person who self-negates and
>attributes their actions circularly to the
>necessity exhibited (in their observation) to
>certain objects which "require" being placated in
>order that the person can find *self* completion
>in the good characteristics of these objects of
>desire (as in idolatry)... animism might lead to
>religion in the case of deliberate self-promotion.

Or, it could lead to THIS:

I think that raises some interesting questions. Such as, what is madness, and what is true love? Are the two indistinguishable?