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Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 18:12:05 -0800

For those of you in Seattle or surounding areas, a friend of mine is now in one of the COBRA groups I mentioned earier here. (I believe some of you have met Stu before, as well.) They're playing this Saturday. You should go. All the vital info is below:

-Prof. Tim

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Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 1:48 PM Subject: COBRA

>Let me just use the ASKEW mailing list to let you know that I'm playing
>in a Seattle version of John Zorn's COBRA this Saturday at 9:30 at the
>Speakeasy. I will be playing Vibraphone along with a group consisting
>of guitar, banjo, bass, drums, violin, trombone, electronics, maybe
>accordion and who knows what else.
>For those of you that don't, COBRA is a musical game. It has no written
>music only rules to play by, hand signals and flash cards. Musicians
>sit/stand in a half circle facing the prompter. They use hand signals
>to request cards from the prompter who then shows the card to the whole
>group and on the downbeat they must improvise according to the
>instructions on the card (play a duo, trade music, volume change, tempo
>change, etc.).
>The game is further complicated by Guerilla Tactics where a guerilla or
>group of guerillas hijack the game from the prompter. The Guerillas
>then use hand signals to control the music until either they relinquish
>control or a spy assassinates them.
>COBRA not only creates some weird, wacky music but it's fun to watch.
>Stuart McLeod
>Information Systems Analyst