virus: The Force

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:45:54 -0500

>>>"Come over to the logical side, Luke! I am your father!"
>>>(Darth vader, paraphrased)
>>"I'll never join you!" (which, in the end, of course is
>>a half truth) Skywalker and his father are united in
>>spirit, in the end. But it is Vader who moves.
>But they were contending over two faith systems, one good,
>one evil, neither logical.

"...join me and we can end this pointless conflict and restore order to the galaxy..." sounds logical (well, something which purports to be logical) to me.

Actually, I still think you're playing with me a little. You say things which make so much sense sometimes. You don't resist apparent arguments. I feel like you're convincing me, or I'm covincing you...anyway, lets drop this metaphor...the very fact you knowingly accept the role of Vader shows that there is a theater in your heart. Given that, I believe that you have the ability to play out your darker imaginings inside yourself...and thus you don't have to strike out to find your identity. There are darker souls among us. If we differ, I no longer notice.


  Reed Konsler